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First Consultation is always free:

When you call The Fur Babies Only Club, we arrange a free visit to your home to:
Meet you and your pets.
Get detailed information about caring for your pets and your home.
Get veterinary release signature.
Pick up 2 door keys.
Review policies and sign a service agreement.
During this visit, you decide how often you want your sitter to visit each day and to determine the services you want performed.

Each visit to your home includes:

Lots of Loving & Pampering.
Fresh food & water.
Clean feeding area and bowls.
Petting & Playtime.
Litter box & Cage Cleaning.
Give medications, vitamins, etc.
Clean up any Accidents.

Overnight Stay:

Overnight stay is for 10 hours, usually from 9 pm-7 am.

Also includes 30 minute Morning and Evening walk, plus the home and pet care that we provide on regular pet sitting visits.

Initial Visit:

The first consultation is always FREE! Repeat Initial Visits are billed as a normal Pet Sitting visit (see below).

​Pet Sitting:

With each 20-30 minute pet sitting service we:
Perform a home security check, looking for anything
out of place.
Feed, water, and exercise your pets.
Administer medications such as vitamins, and other
special care (playing, petting/brushing, and TLC).
Get medical treatment in case of illness.
Bring in mail and newspapers.
Alternate lights or TV/radio.

We try to customize each visit to you and your pet's needs, so feel free to request additional services! Examples include watering indoor plants or refilling a bird feeder. Your Pet Sitter may request an additional charge for time-consuming or difficult tasks.

You may also request that your Pet Sitter contact you (via email or telephone call) while you are away to give you a brief update of how your pets are doing.

Terms and Conditions:

Animal Companions rates are based on the time and 
personnel needed to prepare for and perform a given service. 
There are no extra fees for additional animals serviced at the 
same location. (except for dog walks).  If we feel we cannot perform services 
requested in the allotted time or without additional personnel, 
we will request:
Authorization to spend extra time.
Authorization to allocate more personnel.
Amendment of services to be performed.

Holiday Rates:

Visits scheduled on holidays are subject to a Holiday Service Fee of $10.00 per day. Animal Companions holidays are as follows:
New Year’s Day (January 1st)
Easter weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
4th of July
Labor Day weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Christmas Eve and Chistmas Day (December 24th
and 25th)


Visits cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to 
a $10.00 Cancellation Charge.

We Accept The Following Forms of Payment.
Cash, Check.

The Fur Babies Only Club

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All prices listed are estimated. Every pet and 
situation is different. So prices may vary 
depending on your particular needs. Please call 
or email me for a Quote.

Dog Walking in Harbor City

Pet Taxi:

* Daycare/Groomer drop off

$ 22.50

* Daycare/Groomer pick up

$ 22.50

* Drop off and pick up

$ 40.00

* Vet Visit

​$ 35.00

Private Dog Walks:

* 30 Minutes                   

$ 20.00

* 60 Minutes

$ 33.00

* Additional Pets

​$   5.00

Pet Sitting And Vacation Care:

* 30 Minute Visit

$ 20.00

* 45 Minute Visit 

$ 26.00

* 60 Minute Visit

$ 33.00

* 90 Minute Visit

$ 40.00

* Overnight (10 Hours)

​$ 70.00

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