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Benefits of having a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker or Cat Care.

Pet Sitting Services

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Regular Walks Helps Your Dog Stay Social, Fit And Full Of Energy.

Where every Pet is a V.I.P.

(Very Important Pet)

​​Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid Certified.


Dog Walking

Pet Sitting

Over Night Stay Pet Sitting

Pet Transportation


Advantages for your pet:

Your pets get the luxury of staying at home in their familiar environment, being pampered by their personal pet sitter. At a boarding kennel, they will be exposed to strong disinfectants, often noisy animals, and people they are not used to, while receiving only minimal attention.
Your pets will keep their daily routines, being fed and walked at the same time they normally do everyday. At a boarding kennel, they are fed and walked when it is their turn, not necessarily meaning when they need to.
Your pets will not have to be confined to a small enclosure.
Your pets will not be overexposed to external/internal parasites or contagious diseases. Dogs often return with kennel cough & cats with upper respiratory illnesses.
Not all pets care for riding in the car, by having a pet sitter visit in the comfort of your home, neither the pet nor you will have to deal with that stress.
Being left without their family is stressful enough, but to be left in an unfamiliar place causes even more stress on a pet. Having a pet sitter visit your pets in their home to give them lots of love and attention, leads to a happy and less lonely pet.

Advantages for you:

You will have peace of mind knowing your beloved pets are happy at home and stress free. Getting the individual attention they deserve from their personal pet sitter.
You won’t have to pay for an extra day at a kennel just because you came home on a weekend on during a holiday or late at night.
You will not have the inconvenience of having to drop them off, carry their bedding, toys, food etc, and then pick them up.
Family, friends & neighbors won’t have to be inconvenienced by the additional responsibility of caring for your pet.
Your home will look lived in and will be taken care of. At your request we can water the plants, open/close the blinds, turn on/off the lights, bring in the newspaper/mail and take out the trash/bring the bins in. Etc.